1. Multi-Platform (Microsoft Windows & Linux) and Yet Free!
  2. User- friendly environment
  3. Full Zoom options (Zoom In, Out, Full)
  4. Flexible Cursor
  5. Showing the signal values in different radixes
  6. Showing the next and previous transactions by simple clicks
  7. Showing signal values on mouse hover
  8. Print
  9. Fast and reliable
  10. SystemC friendly
  11. Small executable size
  12. Analog mode for compatible signals!

Will be supported soon:

  1. Other standard formats such as WIF
  2. MRU list
  3. An Option dialog box
  4. API library and header for direct waview binary file generation
  5. Zoom Area
  6. Bookmark
  7. File Drag and Drop

Technical information:

  • Developed using Microsoft Visual Studio .NET 2005 & TrollTech Qt 4.x
  • ".wvw" Binary format for wave files
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